Cassandra Archival Quality Art Print


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Cassandra: Bravely be you! Shine your light and speak your truth no matter who believes you. 

Recently I read Cassandra Speaks by Elizabeth Lessor. She speaks of the Greek princess Cassandra, a beautiful Trojan princess who was cursed by a male God with the gift of seeing and knowing the future, but to not ever being believed. Elizabeth speaks of this as a metaphor for women all over the world today. Women who know the truth and can feel what is about to happen, but either don’t speak up, or if they do are not listened to, as they are a woman. Hence, my painting Cassandra reminds its owner to bravely be themselves! Shine their light and speak their truth no matter who believes them. The original painting 60x60cm on canvas is also available for purchase in Australia for $1800.

Archival quality art prints are now available of this mixed-mixed media artwork. Unframed, individually signed and printed on earth friendly FSC certified paper. Prices include worldwide shipping. Web colours will differ slightly when printed.

Dimensions31 × 1 × 43 cm