WHOLE: Learning to love yourself through creativity

Move beyond the brush, gently heal what stands in the way of your greatest self-expression in art and life and grow into the person you long to be

Creative, expressive and healing as well as totally freeing, this membership program is your invitation to not only learn the secrets of creating beautiful, unique art you love in your own style, it is an invitation to unblock what has been stopping you from LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, find the things that bring you joy and make you feel alive; to learn to express yourself; to free yourself of the debilitating limiting beliefs you have about yourself…

to recognise and accept the TRUE BEAUTY that I guarantee is already within you and…

to start to feel confident to share yourself (the real you) with the world. GROW into the person you were born to be. Access Whole for just $13 Australian dollars per week. Already have all the info you need?

Is this you?

Do you just know you have more to offer the world than what you are doing now day-to-day? 

In life, do you try your hardest to please everyone and/or need validation from others to feel good about yourself?

Do you try to perfect and control everything and uphold very high standards for yourself instead of accepting your whole self, your beauty, not just seeing the bad, the not perfect enough and the ugly?

Do you feel lost, alone and unhappy in the world, and long to connect, to be understood and to be loved for who you are. 

Do you always feel undervalued, un-noticed and not good enough?

Do you feel you were put on this earth to create something big, but are continuously held back from doing so?


I understand feeling all those things

6 years ago I was there too. I felt, stuck, unfulfilled and deeply unhappy in life and like I had NOTHING to offer the world. I knew deep down that I wanted to create, live the life of an artist and make a difference to the world in some way but I had no idea how someone like me could do that. I certainly did not think I was good enough in any way and infact felt deeply alone, unhappy and unconnected to everyone and everything in the world.

Fast forward to now

Today as I write this I am an internationally recognised specialist in the wellbeing benefits of creativity. An internationally collected artist, private art teacher, digital creator, co-author of the internationally #1 bestselling ‘Creative Life Book’, CEO at Adie McDermott and Recreate Art and Wellbeing Studio, and a leader to creatives worldwide who wish to become financially independent using their unique talents, strengths and life experiences. 

When I wanted to free my creativity and gain self-confidence, I found I needed to learn more than just skills, I needed to be courageous, to let go of perfection, self-doubt and limiting beliefs and I needed to learn that is was safe to express myself and be seen by the world. THIS IS WHERE THE TURE BENEFITS OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS CAME TO LIGHT !!!

I came up with many tricks that allowed me express myself more freely and I took myself on a radical self-acceptance journey, where I used blocks that I came up in my art practice to clear everything that had been holding me back.

I learnt a lot along the way about being compassionate to myself and I am now very passionate about sharing it with you.

Introducing the Whole membership

Whole is not your everyday art making class or membership. If you just want to make pretty art to put on your wall, this is not for you. 

Whole is a holistic creative and healing journey.

If you do ALL the work provided, you will free your creativity and have confidence to create in your own way. You will also transform your whole life, how you see and feel about yourself, your relationships and how you live.  

Every week, in Whole, lessons will be opened up for you where you learn all my favourite techniques and art processes. You also learn how to use your creative practice to go beyond the brush, to let go of fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs, to restore self-worth, wholeness and well-being and use your creative mind and your imagination to re-create your whole life and how you see yourself in it.

A mixture of instruction, loving guidance and creative freedom, the art projects in this program start in the safety of an art journal where we combine my favourite journal mediums, with your individual preferences, personal experiences and stories, to gently start to develop trust in yourself, then build up as you gain more confidence to wildly freeing watercolour and ink techniques on watercolour paper, using acrylic paints and finally combining all the mediums together, confidently creating unique and beautiful mixed media artworks you love on a large canvas. Everything has been carefully designed to allow for your own creative self-expression. Complimentary teachings, recordings and works sheets help you move through any resistance you are bound to come up against.

This work is life-changing. It will not change your personality,
but it will UNEARTH YOUR TRUE BEAUTY and...equip you with tools to:

Expect a whole heap of other benefits to your life: 

• Accept and love yourself and your own unique beauty

• Trust and value yourself

• Be in control of your own life, your thoughts and your own happiness

• Experience pure joy again

• Become more self-aware, self-compassionate and self-loving

• Improve all your relationships and form new healthier relationships

• Start to be truly seen, valued and loved by others

• Let go of perfection, comparison, validation and expectations

• Become more courageous in all parts of your life

• Be able (and confident) to set healthy boundaries

• See more beauty and feel lucky for what’s right in front of you everyday

• Connect more authentically and interact more with healthy people

• Feel more in touch with and trusting of your inner guide, your intuition

• More inner calm and inner peace

• Develop more compassion and acceptance for others

• Have more energy and zest for life

• Be more independent and adaptable to things that go wrong

• Have soo much more to give to others 

• And last, but no least….your life becomes limitless. You have the ability to create your own life. Live a life you love, a life that’s authentic and true to you. Use your imagination to dream big, problem solve and think outside the box, see opportunities you did not see before, push what’s conventionally believed and question any old beliefs that are holding you back. 

What’s included:

Each week a new lesson will be opened up for you in succession from the signature Recreate Art Studio online courses: 

Recreate-Create Again
Whimsy and Magic
Wild and Free 
Creative Synthesis 

These courses all include:

•Skill and technique development

• The exploration of 10 plus different mediums 

•The foundation principals of freeing creativity and self-expression using intuitive mixed media art and painting. 

• Inner ‘self’ exploration work and teachings designed specifically to gently release blocks in life as well as creativity.

Find out more here

Over 120 art studio demos, masterclasses and explorative projects in total 

Where you learn art skills, techniques and tips and to Adie’s signature mixed media style, each technique specifically designed to: 

• Encourage self-expression

• Gently push you out of your comfort zone

• Build trust in your own creative abilities

All delivered as pre-recorded studio demonstrations and exploration exercises, 


Live, studio demonstrations where you can work long side Adie, watch up close how she works, how she moves through blocks that occur and most importantly listen to ‘why’ she does what she does.

Weekly inner ‘self’ exploration work

Designed specifically to connect the creative process to your own self-worth and gently begin to release blocks in life as well as your art.

Pre-recorded teachings

That introduce you to Adie’s tried and tested holistic and unconventional spiritual healing methods that build trust in and connection to your beautiful authentic and creative self.


24/7 access to Adie 

In our members only Facebook group

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Cancel at any time if the work does not resonate with you. 

What students have been saying:

This has been the most freedom inspiring, nurturing art course I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in. Thankyou Adie for sharing your creativity and care. I have gone from periodic moments of creating art to setting up a dedicated space, art studio, because I am so excited to come in everyday and create. – Deb L.

“I have gone from hiding my creativity to having the confidence and freedom to believe I have an inner artist within me. Thanks so much Adie, I have wanted to do this all my life and now I am.’ – Patricia D.

“Adie has “unleashed” my creativity, which has been stifled for so long. I now just want to create every day. Even if I can’t make it to my shed that day, I’m thinking about it, and hey, if the result is not what I wanted – it doesn’t matter! With the knowledge I have learnt from Adie, I know I can transform it with “CONFIDENCE” with the processes I have learnt.’. – Leanne D.