ReCREATE: Wild & Free An Inky & Watery Adventure

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The addition of watery watercolour and ink techniques into your artwork not only gives you a bigger range of techniques and mediums to work with, the addition of inky and watery backgrounds that you have no control over, forces you to let go of control and perfection, to start to trust yourself more and trust in the creative process. Let the magic appear instead of forcing something to happen.

Through the studio lessons I will share with you:

• All my favourite watercolour and ink brands and techniques
• My tips and tricks to create beautiful and unique artworks that start with a watery background and then come from you and your imagination.
• How, when and why to use these things in your layered mixed media art practice
• All my tips and techniques to uncover (or add) images or characters in your artwork
• Unique ideas and watery projects that encourage you to let go and embrace the unknown

Trust is a transformation that makes so much difference to your art. Though the artist’s mindset sections we will be discussing trusting in yourself and the creative process, letting go of perfection and control and knowing the outcome, and embracing mess, mistakes and play. 

The master classes are designed to build on the studio work. I will demonstrate how to take these ideas and projects projects further by adding elements of YOU, what you love and therefore making the artwork your own.

What’s included in this course: 

All the tips and techniques to Adie’s signature mixed media style, each technique specifically designed to encourage self-expression and build trust in your own artistic ability:

  • Using 3 mediums, simple patterns and strong colour to create beautiful backgrounds
  • Playing and letting go using Adie’s freeing layering technique
  • Using simple washes and mark making to over come fear of the blank page
  • Using negative painting to dispel the pressure of getting everything perfect
  • Intuitive mark marking and drawing
  • Bringing whimsy, joy and magic to your artwork by adding simple whimsical characters

Delivered as pre-recorded studio demonstrations and exploration exercises, PLUS live, studio demonstrations where you can watch Adie work, demonstrate a process or a new medium

COMBINED WITH inner, mindset work designed to uncover blocks and put a dint in your perfectionist streak so you create more freely and more often.


  • 30 mins of free 1on1 mentoring with Adie (included in full course not in membership)
  • Weekly online meets up and get togethers to catch up and connect, ask questions and make art together. (included in full course not in membership)
  • Members only Facebook group filled with supportive others

This course is for you if you: 

  • You long to create but feel paralysed by not knowing where to begin or if you will be good enough
  • When you create, you feel afraid to mess things up and/or feel pressure to always make something perfect or frame worthy
  • You do not trust yourself or your creative abilities and look for validation from others
  • You doubt yourself, are intimidated by what you see others create, and/or often compare your art to others
  • You long to create but are always put off making art as you want please everyone else first and/or feel it is the least important thing to do everyday
  • You would like to make art in your own style not just copy other art

We will continue using the materials and mediums we already have. We will however also purchase inks and watercolour tubes.  A detailed course list will be sent to you on enrolment.