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In order to develop your own art practice and creative voice, and live your best life you need to relearn how to play. Whimsy teaches you to how to play, explore and have fun without rules and a perfect, one answer outcome in mind.

Adding magic and whimsy into your artwork automatically brings more joy, fun, playfulness and story to your art. The addition of whimsical characters is forcing you to reconnect with your childhood creativity, curiosity, freedom, joy, wonder and optimism and the fun, cheeky, playful side of you that you probably left behind as you grew up.

Study after study shows that we left our creativity in our youth. Tapping into this part of you, remembering it, feeling it and nurturing it now, drastically increases your ability to create freely, create art you love and develop your own style. Connecting to your inner child will also transform your life!!

An inner child lives within all of us, it’s the part of us that is playful, intuitive, and creative. Usually hidden under our grown-up personas, I truly believe our inner child holds the key to our happiness and quality of life as an adult. Giving voice to your inner child allows you to:

  • Experience pure joy again
  • Gift yourself self-acceptance and self-compassion: Rediscover yourself, give yourself what you didn’t get from others as a child, then in-turn value and have confidence in your unique self 
  • Unlock your natural childhood gifts: your inner joy, creativity, curiosity, wonder, optimism and…your limitless ability to love!
  • Bring more magic and synchronicity into your life
  • Access and heal repressed memories that are holding you back
  • Rediscover who you are, what you love and what brings you joy.
  • Feel again after many years of being numb
  • Gain more insight then develop the personal power and ability to set strong boundaries
  • Learn how to value, take care and love yourself

Through the Whimsy studio lessons I will share with you my tips and tricks to unlock your playfulness; teach you how to create and draw whimsical faces and characters and how to add them to your layered mixed media artwork. Then, in the masterclasses, you will learn how to take these ideas and make the artwork your own:

  • You will gain skills in drawing an emotive character from simple shapes
  • You will reconnect with your childhood creativity and freedom
  • You will re-learn how to play and explore and use your imagination
  • You will learn that imperfect art is perfect and develop new beliefs and skills in letting go and of perfecting everything you create
  • You will begin to bring more of YOU into your artwork
  • You will learn how to make artwork your own
  • You will learn what materials to use and how to use them
  • And how, where and why to add characters to your backgrounds


All the tips and techniques to Adie’s signature mixed media style, each technique specifically designed to encourage authenticity, self-expression, gently push you out of your comfort zone and build trust in your own creative abilities:

  • Using 3 mediums, simple patterns and strong colour to create beautiful backgrounds
  • Playing and letting go using Adie’s freeing layering technique
  • Using simple washes and mark making to over come fear of the blank page
  • Using negative painting to dispel the pressure of getting everything perfect
  • Intuitive mark marking and drawing
  • Loving up the inner child within you, and bringing gratitude, joy and magic to your artwork by adding simple whimsical characters

Delivered as 12 pre-recorded studio demonstrations and exploration exercises, PLUS 5 live, Masterclasses where you can work long side Adie, watch up close and personally how she works, how she works through blocks that occur and most importantly listen to ‘why’ she does what she does.

COMBINED WITH inner ‘self’ exploration work designed specifically to connect the creative process to your own self acceptance, uncover, and then gently begin to release blocks in life as well as creativity.

AND…Pre-recorded teachings that introduce you to Adie’s tried and tested holistic and unconventional spiritual healing methods that build trust in and connect you to your beautiful authentic self: Chakra sound healing, mediation, SMART neuro reprogramming and thought therapies introduced by late Louise Hay.


  • 30min ‘Kick Start my Creative Confidence’ sessions 1on1 with Adie (included in full course not in membership)
  • Members only Facebook group filled with supportive others

This course is for you if you: 

  • You want to bring more aliveness, more meaning, more freedom, more joy and and more YOU into your life.
  • You know you are creative but feel paralysed by not knowing how to begin to free yourself or if you will be good enough
  • You are looking for a creative practice that teaches you how to let go of things that are not working in your life like perfectionism, control, validation, comparison, low self esteem, anger and resentment
  • You do not trust yourself or your creative abilities, and are constantly trying to please others and seek their approval or validation
  • When you create, you feel afraid to mess things up and/or feel pressure to always make something perfect or frame worthy
  • You would like to connect more deeply to yourself and and are looking for a gentle tool for to use for self-exploration and self-expression
  • You would like to give up pleasing others, uncover and embrace your own inner beauty and a life you desire on your your own terms
  • When you create you would like to make beautiful, unique art in your own style not just copy others

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