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Free your creativity and yourself!! All the foundations you need to begin making beautiful, unique art, to express yourself authentically, to feel more joyful and alive, and bring more YOU back into your life using intuitive mixed media art. A spiritual journey as well as a creative one, this work is spontaneous, intuitive, healing and wildly freeing

ReCREATE~Create Again is an introduction to intuitive mixed media art using an art journaling and 3 different art mediums. Creative, expressive, intuitive, totally unconventional healing and wildly freeing, this course is your invitation to bring more joy and aliveness back into your life through the creative process.

A creative journey takes courage. We are not used to facing the unknown, taking risks, putting our inner selves out on display and putting ourselves in vulnerable situations so we try to perfect everything and control the outcome.

I will teach you how to let go of your need to get everything just right and perfect everything, work around your fear and feelings of not being good enough, move past your desire to be like everyone else, and be gently guided by the 30+ art demos, explorative projects and activities, as I teach you my core mixed media techniques and holistic healing practices that gently and gradually free you to create beautiful, unique mixed media art from your heart instead of your head. 

A ‘self’ exploration as well as a creative journey, this course integrates creativity and intuitive art with mediation, thought therapy and Chakra sound healing to assist you to be more courageous, to be kinder to yourself, especially as a beginner and essentially build trust in your beautiful authentic self.

A mixture of instruction, loving guidance and creative freedom, this course starts in an art journal, explores my favourite journal mediums, (watercolour paint, paint pens and tissue paper) your individual preferences, personal experiences and stories, whilst starting to develop trust in your authentic self, courage and connection through the creative process. A materials list will be provided upon booking.

What’s included: 

All the tips and techniques to Adie’s signature mixed media style, each technique specifically designed to encourage authenticity, self-expression, gently push you out of your comfort zone and build trust in your own creative abilities:

  • Using 3 mediums, simple patterns and strong colour to create beautiful backgrounds
  • Playing and letting go using Adie’s freeing layering technique
  • Using simple washes and mark making to over come fear of the blank page
  • Using negative painting to dispel the pressure of getting everything perfect
  • Intuitive mark marking and drawing
  • Loving up the inner child within you, and bringing gratitude, joy and magic to your artwork by adding simple whimsical characters

Delivered as 12 pre-recorded studio demonstrations and exploration exercises, PLUS 4 live, studio demonstrations where you can work long side Adie, watch up close and personally how she works, how she works through blocks that occur and most importantly listen to ‘why’ she does what she does.

COMBINED WITH inner ‘self’ exploration work designed specifically to connect the creative process to your own self worth, uncover, and then gently begin to release blocks in life as well as creativity.

AND…Pre-recorded teachings that introduce you to Adie’s tried and tested holistic and unconventional spiritual healing methods that build trust in and connection to your beautiful authentic self: Bija Mantras, Chakra sound healing mediation, and thought therapies introduced by late Louise Hay.


  • 30min ‘Kick Start my Creative Confidence’ sessions 1on1 with Adie (included in full course not in membership)
  • Members only Facebook group filled with supportive others

This course is for you if you: 

  • You want to bring more aliveness, more meaning, more freedom, more joy and and more YOU into your life.
  • You know you are creative but feel paralysed by not knowing how to begin to free yourself or if you will be good enough
  • You are looking for a creative practice that teaches you how to let go of things that are not working in your life like perfectionism, control, validation, comparison, low self esteem, anger and resentment
  • You do not trust yourself or your creative abilities, and are constantly trying to please others and seek their approval or validation
  • When you create, you feel afraid to mess things up and/or feel pressure to always make something perfect or frame worthy
  • You would like to connect more deeply to yourself and are looking for a gentle tool for to use for self-exploration and self-expression
  • You would like to give up pleasing others, uncover and embrace your own inner beauty and a life you desire on your own terms
  • When you create you would like to make beautiful, unique art in your own style not just copy others

Main materials include: An A5 sized visual diary, watercolour paint palettes, assorted Posca paint pens, coloured tissue paper. Please feel free to use what you already have and try out other mediums that call to you. If you are in Australia Office Works is a good place to get everything from in one stop. recreate create again IN materials list