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Do you dream of starting a profitable lifestyle business where you are free from a 9-5 job, or perhaps you have started trying to make money from your passion/skills and are finding it hard to make consistent income?

It is possible to live your way, build a lifestyle or freedom business based around your skills and passions, and earn a profitable income. I do that and I know what it takes. ‘Grow’ is the community I created to support, mentor and coach others how to live their lives their way, value their value and live abundantly by connecting their ideas and skills to buyers. Until April 2022, this membership is just $23AUD per week and you can cancel any time.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to start or sustain a profitable business……Just putting your product or idea on Instagram, Facebook or Etsy isn’t enough to grow your business. And, what you think is stopping is usually not the answer. Your mind will constantly tell you, you are not good, or worthy enough, there are so many things to learn, try and to do and many hurdles to break through. 

The reality is, you need so much more than just skills or ideas to sustain a profitable creative or heart-centred lifestyle business, but imagine how wonderful your life would be and how you would feel if you did it.

The keys to success are: 

• Thinking smarter, not working harder

• Having a beginner mindset. Being ok with not feeling good enough to do this and starting things anyway 

• Working with a coach or mentor who has already done what you want to do

• Knowing where you are heading to so know where to focus your energy 

• Knowing your lifestyle goals, so you build a business that you love, that works for you, not against you

• Knowing your monetary goals and knowing how you can achieve them 

• Learning how to connect your offerings and ideas to buyers

• Building something distinctly unique and different by bringing your story into your business 

• Working on your mindset, continuously breaking down all the limiting beliefs you have about yourself 

• Surrounding yourself with a community of people that are doing what you want to do, that already have the success you would like or are on their way 

• Learning to think like a business person

• And finding innovative ways to get out of the time for money trap

The difference with this program is we will not only be working out how to make money from your art business. We will be redesigning and recreating your life, developing a vision for your whole life, HOW and WHY you want to live and then being guided step-by-step to break down or simply ALL the barriers you need to, to make this happen.

Weekly video lessons and work sheets keep you moving forward towards your dream and a group of supportive, cheerleading others are there to lift you up from all around the world. Weekly facebook live Q&A sessions and monthly group coaching is included too. 

We will work on your mindset, as let’s face it, no one ever starts off feeling good enough, and nothing is going to happen for you until you value your value and what you have to offer, feel worthy of success and you TRULY believe your dream can and will happen. 

Working with the vision of your unique lifestyle choices in mind, we will explore your strengths and passions and learn how to combine your skills, with your strengths, passions, beliefs and your unique life experiences into a product or service that connects to a need in a certain type of person, therefore making it highly desirable and commercially profitable.

All this info works as the foundation of your business, a compass, or a guide to everything we then do. Every business decision we make, every move we make.

Once we have this, I will then teach you what you need to do to make this happen. A lesson will be posted each week to keep you moving forward. Your time commitment is flexible so you can work at your own pace and you put in whatever time you have available, depending on whether you work, part or full time, have a young family etc. 

Here is what you will learn and implement in just a few short months: 

Explore clarify your vision so you have something to focus on and work towards: Determin your 3 year, 1 year, 6 month and 3 month vision. What do you want to be doing? What are your revenue goals and how can you achieve them with what you currently have to offer? 

Explore and clarify your product offerings and innovate new ideas by connecting, passion, skill, strengths and purpose with things that are marketable

Design an initial product launch plan that suits your venue goals, so you know what to prioritise and when

Master the emotional side of goal setting so you actually follow through on your goals

Explore and clarify why you are valuable and why you are unique: Brand your business: define the essence of your business, what’s your why, your story, why are you unique, different and valuable and how does how you present yourself and what you say, connect to a certain type of customer

Create a sales and marketing plan to reach your ideal customer

Set up an online presence: website, email newsletter marketing, social media 

Reach your audience: Content marketing, newsletter sales and marketing SEO and social media ideation and planning 

Content and social media creation: How to take photos, make videos and write content that engages your buyer

Finding and attracting new customers: Generating leads and finding new customers: Organic marketing, Facebook ads, collaborating, working with influencers  

Community building and nurturing

• Organising and planning a class or a workshop

• Organising and planning a product launch or a show

• Getting out of the time for money trap. Idealising and designing something you can sell in your sleep.

There will be creatives in this membership….but, you don’t have to be an artist to join. Anyone who has a desire to design their own life, live differently, live authentically to themselves, free of a 9-5 job will benefit from being here.