Becoming more YOU!

By Adie McDermott. Inspired my the shadow work of Carl Jung

The more art you make, the more you become who you truly are!!

For anyone who needs to hear this today…..No matter where you at in life, or on this journey…..YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, you are amazing and you are worthy of all the best things the world can offer. Don’t ever be afraid to believe this, to do the work you need to do to love yourself, to live your best, most joyful life and to shine your light and share all your gifts with the world.


I would like to begin today by sharing this text by Becky Rodreguefs that was shared to me on social media.


“If you’re waiting for the time when you never compare yourself…

If you’re waiting for the time when you’re completely ‘healed’…

If you’re waiting for the time when you don’t ever get triggered by anything or anyone…

If you’re waiting for the time when you don’t experience any difficult emotions…


If you’re waiting for the time when you never feel insecure…

If you’re waiting for the time when you have done all the ‘inner work’…

If you’re waiting for the time when you’ve moved through all the shadows…

If you’re waiting for the time when you feel ready…


Your experiences, your shadows, your emotions, your insecurities they’re all part of you. They’re all part of your journey. They’re all part of your growth & expansion. They’re all your opportunity. They’re all perfect.

With every layer you peal back…

With every part of yourself you meet…

With every part of yourself you leave behind…With every version of yourself you grow into…

The more you, you become. The more of your true essence that is revealed. The more expansion there is to be had. The more opportunities available to you. The more you are reminded of who you really are. “

I see it this text as another reminder of your authentic nature. That you are beautiful!! That you don’t need to change yourself, you just need to accept yourself.

If you are open to it a creative, intuitive art practice becomes a teacher

If you do it with an open, curious mind, a creative and intuitive art practice like the processes I teach in my Recreate Art Studio online courses becomes a teacher. They teach you how to become more you. They teach you where you are stuck in life. They also invite you trust yourself, to find what you love, what you are good at and find your own voice.

Using a combination of art and the holistic healing processes I have found in my eternal study of human behaviour, human connection and the illusive art of bringing more joy into your life, you peel back the layers to become more of your beautiful self. Your authentic nature or self that is beauty, joy, light and love.

Self-acceptance leaves us with nothing to ‘fix’


We live in a culture that encourages us to please, and to be different than how we authentically are. Most days, we are told that we need to be more pleasing, beautiful, happier, thinner, richer, or/and smarter. And that we need to do these things in order to be happy. As a result, we end up always wanting to “fix” ourselves. When you accept yourself, how you are right now, the good, the bad and the ugly however, there is nothing to fix anymore.

  • FREEDOM occurs when we accept and love ourselves.
  • PEACE occurs when we accept and love ourselves.
  • HAPPINESS occurs when we accept and love ourselves.
  • COMPASSION for others occurs when we accept and love ourselves.
  • RELATIONSHIPS improve when we accept and love ourselves.
  • Our SELF-WORTH, JOY in life, and the amount of LOVE we feel grows exponentially when we accept and love ourselves.

Why I am telling you this? Self-acceptance benefits us in so many more ways than allowing us to create our best art, and to freely create without our nasty inner critic getting in our way all the time, it allows us to be free in all parts of our life. If you search self-acceptance you will find so much information on the benefits of it. This list below is from

You will attract more people who love, respect, and accept you just as you are.

You will feel a sense of freedom.

You will be less afraid to fail.

You will grow in self-esteem.

You will stop struggling to win approval from others.

You will believe that you have great value and believe that others know it, too.

You will become more independent.

You will give yourself more leeway when it comes to making mistakes.

You will be able to take more risks without worrying about the consequences.

You will live your life to please yourself, not to please others.

You will accept yourself for who you are and expect others to accept (respect, love) you for who you are, not what you look like or what you appear to accomplish.

When you free yourself from obsession, you will be a different person from who you are now. You will think, look, and feel different

Beauty comes from unusual places

Contrary to popular beliefs your beauty and value comes from more unusual places than your looks and skills. In fact, our darkness and the parts that we hide from others holds the key to our beauty and our light.

  • What makes you different or weird, is actually your super power.


  • The greatest wound you have struggled with (and learnt to overcome), that’s your greatest gift to the world.
  • The bright qualities you see, intensely admire and (perhaps) are jealous of or long for in other people, that’s your golden shadow and that’s what lies disowned inside you ….the quality or light you also have to share with others if you dare to uncover it and show it.

I call this sort of work bringing your darkness to the light so we can make it beautiful. Other people call it shadow work.

Your shadow or dark side also holds the key to your light, your withheld creativity, hidden talents, joy and courage

Shadow work is a concept developed by well-known and famed Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung in the 1950s.

The idea, very briefly, that we all have a side of us that we disown and hide from the world. Usually things that we don’t like about ourselves, things that cause us shame and we do not want others to see.

He also defined that when we suppress the darkness (eg our shadow) we are also suppressing our light, our disowned greatness, our golden shadow. According to this artical, by Fractal Enlightenment, the golden shadow symbolises withheld courage, hidden talents, repressed passion and stifled creativity. It’s the unfulfilled potential that people fail to see or develop because of our overwhelming fear of our dark side.

The Golden Shadow lies in what we are drawn or attracted too. This is not only the qualities you admire in others. I agree with Embodied Awakening when they say that this could be the kind of art you resonate with – perhaps beautiful art or surroundings makes you happy. This is a reflection of the beauty that lies within you.

Although many believe the shadow is ‘negative’, this is not true. The Shadow is rather what you yourself perceive as dark and weak about yourself.. This depends on your own views on life, your levels of self-acceptance and what your parents or caregivers told you needed to be less of…..needy, selfish, angry etc…..and it simply points you towards parts that need to be loved, accepted, healed and integrated into your life instead of hidden.

You may have already accessed some of your darker side in the work we have been doing. Shame, fear and anger, are all things that we try to repress.

Another great way to find it is by looking at what you are constantly blaming others for. What are the things you like least in other people? What annoys you about them? That characteristic almost certainly exists within you.

Focusing solely on your positive side is easy and comfortable, but you cannot accept yourself whole-heartedly until you face the darkness. Find the things that you don’t like about yourself and forgive yourself for them using the creative and holistic techniques I have teach you in my  Receate Art studio courses, so you can also uncover and shine your beautiful light!!!

This is ongoing work not a quick fix and as usual if you have any issues dealing with what comes up in this work please, please, please seek help. Speak to your psychologist immediately, join my creative wellness membership or contact me for a 1on1 healing or coaching session.

Authenticity in art and life and is true beauty. The number 1 most beautiful thing you can be is yourself!!

An artist, adventurer and external student of life, my online courses combine all my favourite art techniques, mediums and processes with my eternal study of human behaviour and human connection to uncover, accept and love your beautiful self and….. bring more joy into your life. This post is part of the course, Creative Synthesis.

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