Authenticity is true beauty!

Freedom and joy begin when you decide to be yourself

Gently heal what stands in the way of your greatest self-expression and create a life you love living

Gently heal what stands in the way of your greatest self-expression and create a life you love living


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 My name is Adie McDermott. I am a mixed media artist, #1 international best selling author, an adverturer who has travelled all around the world and back, a life long learner and a seeker of freedom. joy and meaning. I think with my feelings and see with my heart. I view everything with a curious, questioning mind and eyes that see beauty and wonder. 

I see creativity as an unique (safe) space where we can learn to reconnect to ourselves, express ourselves uniquely, accept ourselves and our own individual beauty wholeheartedly and transform our lifes. 

Creativity and self accpetance flow through every part of living. Once you free your creativity, self expression and can accept yourself and your unique gifts, you can do far more than just make pretty pictures, you have the tools you need to imagine and then create and live a life you love. 

The Art of Authenticity

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Hiya! I believe different is beautiful, not flawed and that authenticity is true beauty. I don’t have a 9-5 job, or a conventional life. I choose to live life my way, true to myself.

A way that incorporates my strengths, superpowers and passions, but also allows me to live in a way that suits my life-style vision, values and choices. My biggest passions are self-acceptance, self expression and creativity.

I created art even before I could hold a pencil and have been involved in community art, sharing and teaching what I know for over 10 years. My life’s mission….to be free , to be free of self-doubt, free to live my life my way, and to continuously learn and grow everyday so I can be the best version of myself possible. I have learnt a thing or too about all these things along the way. Learn more…

 EEEK….so lovely “Thankyou once again Adie McDermott. You are one special light in this world’’. Robin P. 

“You are such an inspirational teacher and I love all the holistic metaphors and teachings, for living a better more creative life. I just got so much out of Recreate Create Again. It gave me confidence when I really needed it. Love your work Adie. Tracy M. 

A creative journey is a journey back to ourselves, our greatest self-expression and our authentic voice. You dont have to be a skilled artist to do this work, feel amazing doing it and create something beautiful, you just need to be curious enough to begin. Choose from individual online courses……or click here to sign up for a membership, starting from $13 AUD per week.

ReCREATE – Create Again: Free your creativity and yourself!! All the foundations you need to begin making beautiful, unique art; to express yourself authentically; to feel more joyful and alive; to start to listen to your inner creator and bring more YOU back into your life using intuitive mixed media art. A spiritual journey as well as a creative one, this work is spontaneous, intuitive, healing and wildly freeing and the best part is, through this process you will start to recreate your whole life and how you see yourself in it. All you need to begin is an art journal, 3 simple materials and a desire and willingness to grow.
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 ReCREATE – Whimsy and Magic: Experience pure joy again as you bring more magic, whimsy, personal story and YOU into your artwork. The addition of whimsical characters in this course forces you to get in touch with your inner child, your childhood creativity, curiosity, freedom, joy, wonder and optimism and the long-forgotten fun, cheeky, playful side of you. When you listen to your inner child you gift yourself JOY and self-acceptance! Rediscover who you are, what you love and what brings you joy though the creative projects and teachings of Whimsy and Magic.
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ReCREATE – Wild and Free: My ever popular watery and inky adventure. Explore watercolour and inks; learn and try out traditional and creative watercolour techniques, make swatches from your ‘play’ into a beautiful, collaged artwork;  and then cultivate your ability to let go of control,  be more courageous and trusting of yourself and the process by creating wild watery backgrounds, where you embrace whatever happens and uncover the magic that is hidden within each artwork.
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ReCREATE – Creative Synthesis:  Take a huge leap towards becoming the artist of your dreams. Lessons and creative projects that introduce acrylics, encourage listening your innate creativity and intuition, build creative confidence and trust and start to bring all the pieces you love together to develop your own creative voice and style.
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WHOLE-Reclaim your (creative) self and grow into the artist you were born to be! Creative, expressive and healing as well as totally freeing, this membership program is your invitation to not only learn the secrets of creating beautiful art you love in your own style…it is an invitation to unblock what has been stopping you from LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE; find the things that bring you joy; to learn to express yourself authentically; to free yourself of the debilitating, limiting beliefs you carry around about yourself; to recognise and accept THE TRUE BEAUTY that I guarantee is already within you and…to start to feel confident to share yourself (the real you) with the world. Whole is not your everyday art making membership where we make pretty art to hang on your wall. It is a holistic creative and healing journey for people who feel there is more to life than how they are living and perhaps ‘just know’ they want to live as an artist.. Access Whole for just $13 AUD per week. Learn more…..

COMIMG SOON: GROW–Build your dream life:  Do you dream of starting a profitable lifestyle business where you are free from a 9-5 job, or perhaps you have started trying to make money from your passion/skills and are finding it hard to make consistent income? It is possible to live your way, build a lifestyle or freedom business based around your skills and passions, and earn a profitable income. I do that and I know what it takes. ‘Grow’ is the community I created to support, mentor and coach others how to live their lives their way, value their value and live abundantly by connecting their ideas and skills to buyers. Join the waiting list…

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What students have been saying:

This has been the most freedom inspiring, nurturing art course I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in. Thankyou Adie for sharing your creativity and care. I have gone from periodic moments of creating art to setting up a dedicated space, art studio, because I am so excited to come in everyday and create. – Deb L.

“I have gone from hiding my creativity to having the confidence and freedom to believe I have an inner artist within me. Thanks so much Adie, I have wanted to do this all my life and now I am.’ – Patricia D.

“Adie has “unleashed” my creativity, which has been stifled for so long. I now just want to create every day. Even if I can’t make it to my shed that day, I’m thinking about it, and hey, if the result is not what I wanted – it doesn’t matter! With the knowledge I have learnt from Adie, I know I can transform it with “CONFIDENCE” with the processes I have learnt.’. – Leanne D.

How does the simple act of creating marks on a page lead to huge life benefits?

Let me show you in my ‘Creativity Heal’ masterclass, valued at $197, but free when you sign up today.